About Us

Zeenith.com is a division of POS International, Inc.  POS has been in business since 1990.  The focus of POS has been Point-of-Sales since its inception. 

POS has a relatively large client base that use its Point-of-sale software, PowerPOS and RetailPower.

Over time, we had many requests for both Gift Card and Loyalty Card applications.  So, in 2000 we developed a POS agnostic Gift card software call GCeXpress.  Quickly, however, we determined that many of our clients needed something more, namely, a multi-site Gift Card AND Loyalty Card software.  So, within about a year, we released a online Gift and Loyalty software package called REX.

The REX software opened many avenues for additional development.  We had requests from Merchant associations that wanted a Gift and Loyalty software that worked across multiple merchants.  Thus, we rebuilt REX to handle multiple location enterprises, as well as, multiple merchant setups.
We determined that, when it came to multiple merchant setups and multiple location setups, that it would be best to integrate REX into a CMS (Content Management System) like JOOMLA.  This would allow users to log into that website (CMS) and be able to not only check the statuses of their Loyalty and Gift card accounts but also see information posted by each merchant showing their "Deals".  This got us into building a custom Joomla Module.  The REX program was further enhance in 2010 with the ability to use Both Loyalty and Gift features with a smartphone rather than a plastic card.

Subsequently, we partnered with CenPOS, a middleware company, for credit card processing.  Because of our experience with both Point-of-sales and web application programming, we tightened our relationship with Cenpos, by becoming their POS Partner, in which we now support and configure CenPOS's desktop/web enabled Point-of-sale, ERP (enterprise resource planning) and e-commerce  software.

Zeenith has emerged from the fact that almost all the above products need webhosting in one way or another.  From ERP hosting to POS hosting to Ecommerce hosting to Joomla website hosting, we now offer the complete package.